Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall 2017 Work Party

Every fall, the Hazel Heights gardeners get together to prep the P-Patch for the winter months.  It's one of two events that requires all gardeners to attend.  It is always held the last Sunday in October and is a fun time to catch up with fellow gardeners, work together on a common goal and learn about pruning and other winter preparations.  It's a big reason why Hazel Heights is such a close knit community. 

Our work party kicks off with a bountiful pot-luck brunch.  Then it's off to the P-Patch.  This fall we accomplished so much!
Weeding the Common Areas

Cleaning up the back entrance

Prepping the Giving Garden for winter

Ridding the South Slope of Invasives

Working on the South Slope

Cleaning up the Front Entrance

Tending the Raspberry Patch

Inspecting the Grapevine

Raking the Fallen Fig Leaves

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Native Plant Slope Rehab Project

We are lucky urban farmers.  Our P-patch comes with a gorgeous view.  Along with that view, however, comes a very steep slope.  In order to ensure that our P-patch has a stable foundation, we need to protect and maintain the long-term integrity of the slope.  

That's why, in mid-July, geotech engineer Dan Mageau, helped to train our Native Plant Slope rehab team and volunteers on how to properly maintain the south slope of the P-patch with hand-shovel work. 

This hand-work is necessary to remove excess soil buildup over the years from some ongoing normal surface erosion (on lower part of slope and where it's starting to encroach on the street), without compromising the slope's currently stable underlying glacial till.

The purpose of the training session was to ensure anyone working or supervising the rehab of the slope had a good base of knowledge and skills to deal with any minor ongoing normal surface erosion that may occur going forward.

Dan also showed the volunteers how to securely protect any exposed soil with burlap or similar material.

Thank you Dan for your generous ongoing support!!!