Wednesday, February 25, 2015

March 7: Spring Brunch Organizing Meeting, Potluck & Work Party

Kick-off the 2015 growing season with your fellow Hazel Heights p-patch gardeners and neighbors

Date:  Saturday of every March--3/7 (Rain or Shine)

Time:  promptly at 10 a.m.

Where:  4212 Baker Avenue NW (two doors up from the P-patch site)

Our organizing meeting which usually takes an hour or so, will be followed by our work party/new gardener orientation (usually about another hour or so, wrapping up no later than 12:30).

Bring a dish to share and wear your gardening clothes. 

Proposed agenda items & activities include:
  • Welcoming new gardeners
  • Reviewing P-Patch guidelines & other great info from P-Patch program
  • Planning,site leadership & committees
  • Sharing our gardening ideas & seed swap (bring your extra seeds!)
  • Free gardening goodies & supplies from the P-Patch program & others
  • Update on how our honey bees are doing
  • Preparing our community garden for Spring!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mosaic: Installation time!

The time we've all been waiting for is here! Our Hazel Heights mosaic sign is going to be installed next week. And we need your help!

Here's the schedule of events, and how you can help:

Tuesday, June 25 - 9am start* - Mosaic gets put up on the wall

We need volunteers to bring food/beverages & photo document the process.

Wednesday or Thursday, June 26 or 27 - Clean up/grout prep: remove tile tape, remove excess thinset, etc [specific times TBA]

Volunteers needed to help with clean up/grout prep, bring food/beverages & photo document.

Saturday, June 29 - 8am start* - Grouting 

Volunteers needed to bring food/beverages & photo document.

Contact us if you'd like to help!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New bees on the block

A new queen and were installed our hive at Hazel Heights on April 15... here's a peek at the process! The lovely pictures were taken by Mileaux Welty.

Our volunteer Beekeeper, Paul Bryant, is all suited up! He's taken the top cover off of our bee hive. He shared a lot of information on bee culture during the installation. We're getting Italian bees and a new queen. The majority of the hive has travels coach, but the queen gets special treatment in a private box of her own. The white plug is a marshmallow that her workers will eat to let her out. In the few days it takes to work through the plug, the queen will acclimate to her new home and be likely to stay.
New Italian worker beesOur new queen bee

Paul takes a frame out of the hive (with some work-in-progress from the previous tenants)

And then transfers the bees to their new home. He does this by simply shaking the box, and the bees fall out like cereal! (Not quite the honey-crunch I want to eat, however.) we go! Gentle shakes get the bees out of their box.
When all the bees are out, Paul places the queen in the hive, still in her travelling box.

Finally, the frame is carefully replaced... and the hive closed back up.

 We hope these bees will find our garden a sweet new home!