Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Spring! Who needs more inspiration than that?

You know it's spring when the city water gets turned on at the P-Patch.  

Last weekend was a gorgeous day to be in the garden.  David and I did our spring cleaning, planted a few things and even started tomatoes.  Wish us luck!  We picked up on Karen's cup-n-copper strategy to keep the slugs away.  It seems to be working so far for Karen!

Karen's Beautiful Spring Garden
Cup-n-Copper to protect the pea vines

Toby and Peter worked hard to get the city water spigots turned on last weekend as well.  Thank you boys!  Keep in mind, the snow pack levels are still far below normal & city water is a huge P-patch program expense, so please conserve where you can. 

How is your garden shaping up so far this spring?  Please send me your pictures.  I'll get them posted to the blog for all to see.

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