Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hazel Heights Site Plan

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The site plan for Hazel Heights P-Patch was created by Barker Landscape Architects in cooperation with the community, including the Hazel Heights P-Patch Steering Committee.
Seattle's P-Patch Trust (the owner of the property) and the City of Seattle P-Patch Program have also been deeply involved in the planning and design of the garden.

The site will include 19 garden plots, including one dedicated to growing organic produce for food banks through the Lettuce Link program.

It also features an innovative rainwater harvesting system, including an 8,000 gallon underground cistern that will provide water for irrigation.

There are opportunities for future artwork on surface walls, seating areas and walkways, as well as plaques to commemorate the donations that have made the garden possible.

Numerous public meetings were held to plan the park, and onsite meetings are being held with the Hazel Heights P-Patch Steering Committee during the construction phase.

Hazel Heights P-Patch is part of the City of Seattle P-Patch Program, one of the largest municipally supported community gardening programs in the nation.

If you are interested in applying to garden at one of the Hazel Heights plots, information is here: Priority is given to those who have volunteered at the site.

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