Tuesday, January 12, 2010

P-Patch Construction Update - Updated January 21, 2010

With the addition of the beautiful new fence, the garden is continuing to take shape.

Although it seems like construction is taking forever, we really are nearly done. If you have ever built or remodeled a house, you know that there are always snags in the schedule. And since we're doing several environmentally progressive projects, such as the rainwater cistern, we have been exploring new territory with the City's permitting process. Our work should ease the path for future gardens that may also want to harvest rainwater and reduce stormwater overflow into Puget Sound.

Construction on the main site itself is 90% complete, with only the handrail installation and a few "punch-list" type items on the irrigation and cistern systems left to go before the contractor turns over the site for gardening to begin.

A major focus now is completing the drain tie-ins to the City system at 42nd and Baker Ave NW. This work will include digging up a portion of the street at 42nd and Baker Ave NW. We are continuing to work with the City to finalize the details for this work and expect it to be complete by the end of this month. When this is complete, the sidewalk along Baker Ave NW will be reopened.

We are currently assigning P-Patch plots with the City's P-Patch Program. Priority is given to those who have volunteered their time to the creation of the garden. If you want to be included in the waiting list for a garden plot at Hazel Heights P-Patch, please call Rich Macdonald at the P-Patch Program (386-0088) and specify that you are calling about a plot at Hazel Heights.

Be sure to save the date for Sunday, March 21 at noon for the grand opening of the garden!

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